Hardees Bahrain Super Wraptor Box offer

Hardees Bahrain Super Wraptor Box offer

Boost your day with bold flavors from Hardee’s Super wraptor box for a reduced price of 3.1BD.

Duo Wraptor offer

Experience a fiery sensation with the Duo Wraptor Box from Hardee’s for just 2.3 BD.

Blazing Wraptor offer

Enjoy the new Blazing Wraptor, made of 100% hand breaded chicken Fillet covered with special Santafe sauce, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, served with 2 pieces of hand breaded chicken tenders, fries and soft drink of your choice for BD 1.1 at Hardees.

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About Hardees Bahrain

Hardee’s Bahrain is a popular American fast-food restaurant chain located in Bahrain. It offers a diverse menu of burgers, sandwiches, and other quick bites in a casual dining atmosphere.